Some Books Are Meant to be Listened To

Since we launched Sienna Tristen's The Insomniac's Assistant in 2018 we have been telling people that it is a read-aloud-to-your-loved-ones book. This poem-story takes place over the course of one night's work in a very strange job. The Assistant narrates their highly empathetic journey from home to home to lack of home, coaxing the insomniacs to sleep. It is a perfect bridge to ease you into dreaming. There was a single problem: how to you keep reading when your eyes begin to close? 

Penrose Press presents: The Insomniac's Assistant Audiobook

Sienna was featured on the podcast The Insomnia Project with Marco Timpano in July 2019 where she answered questions about the book and it's origin, as well as read a couple of chapters. Sienna is one of Penrose's most performative readers, using whispers to excellent effect. Clearly the story lives as well off the page as on it. Click on the link above to listen to that interview!

The Insomniac's Assistant was also featured on our favourite queer lifestyle blog Not Banging where author Evelyn Elgie saw the soul of the book while reading to her partner. "I couldn’t read The Insomniac’s Assistant in the middle of the afternoon, silently to myself, simply because the poetry itself isn’t made to be read that way... this book wants to be lingered over."


If your interest is piqued you can find the audiobook here:
iTunesGoogle Play BooksKoboScribdNook AudiobookseStories and elsewhere. Request it at your local library!

We're holding an online reading series to celebrate:
Sunday April 5 at 3PM EST
Tuesday April 7 at 9PM EST

Hope to see you there!

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