Brianna Tosswill

Escapist Lit

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This linocut represents a sanctuary from the demands of everyday life. The quiet, dim, stillness evokes a library or a greenhouse, both excellent places to be alone with your thoughts (or someone else's).

If reading escapism is a strategy you use to cope with th stresses of the world, there is absolutly no shame in that (I used to think there was). Reading sometimes carries the same relaxation for me as actually dreaming, but my brain is being guided along a specific path and not allowed to wander. My subconscious is a wanderer who travels to some STRANGE places while I'm not at the helm. Reading can bring you to a mood of triumph, happiness, or determinaton that is HELPFUL for tackling non-fictional problems. Read to escape, or for the pure pleasure of it, however you like, and consider acquiring this print for your reading nook or home library.

  • linocut reduction in which the matrix (linoleum) ceases to be by the end of printing.
  • limited edition of 15.
  • The image area measures 6.5x9" (16x22.5cm) 
  • The paper measures 8.5x11" (22x28cm) and is a sheet of thin, speckled, warm white paper.
  • Printed with rubber based Vanson ink, which is lightfast and will not fade over time.
  • It is part of my Reader Series along with Reading Nook, and Transported.
  • 10% of print sales are donated! In March 2021 they're going to The Endometriosis Network Canada.