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Rebecca Davison Mora & Brianna Tosswill

Letters to Frida

Letters to Frida

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Letters to Frida is a poetry collection by Rebecca Davison-Mora which was born out of a need to create change in educational content at a university level. Rebecca used this collection to address the need for people of culturally diverse backgrounds to see themselves reflected in history, literature, and art, and as a result of a university curriculum not reflecting her heritage, used her work to urge change in the available reading list, thus gaining access to a wider range of minority authors. Letters to Frida was written out of admiration for a woman of mixed race who embraced her Mexican heritage in the face of a world that would rather celebrate her whitest aspects.


Letters to Frida was hand-bound by Brianna at Penrose Press. The cover has linocut printing on the inside and outside and is attached with a bundle of brightly coloured strands of embroidery floss. The text pages have been digitally printed. This pocket sized book measures 5" wide and 8" tall and is very thin. Letters to Frida has been published in a limited edition of 200 copies. It includes stickers.

  • 10% of all print sales are donated! In March 2021 they're going to The Endometriosis Network Canada.

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