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Greeting Card: For all the things...

 This card pairs well with a book (literally any book).

My grandmother used to bring me art supplies. She recognized my creativity and nurtured it. I was always so grateful. A new pack of pencil crayons meant I didn't have to be stingy with my favourite colours. But eventually I started to be particular about which kinds of coloured pencils I liked to use (and I started calling them coloured pencils becausd that sounded more professional, haha). Have you ever experienced that thing? Where at first your friend's enthusiasm for a thing makes them easy to find gifts for, and then their growing expertise makes it pretty difficult? So my grandmother started bringing me drawing textbooks as if to say "I can't help you, but maybe these can?" Spoiler: they really could.

  • heavy, cotton rag paper printed with an lead type
  • measuring 6.25" wide and 4.5" tall closed
  • comes with an olive green coloured envelope
  • the inside is blank, as is most of the back of the card, just in case you need to write a rambling sort of note, as I often do!


The interior of this card is blank.

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