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Holiday Postcards

Holiday Postcards

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Design and Colourway

Regardless of which winter holidays you celebrate, I hope these postcards give you all the cozy feelings. I decided to make postcards this year for a number of reasons. They save on paper (and envelopes) and feel kind of nostalgic and lovely. Also, sometimes, you don't have much more to say to someone than simple well wishes (let's all be gentle with ourselves regarding holiday burnout, yeah?) and a short message doesn't feel lonely on the smallish space on the back of these postcards. Bonus: if you love these intricate little artworks and want to keep them, they fit perfectly in 4x6" frames.

There are 4 designs: Booklovers, Chocolate, Tree, and Snowbeing. And each design is available in 3 colourways: red, brown, and green.

The red is a bit darker than last year's red, but still orange-leaning. The brown is very chocolate-y. And the green is warmer than last year's emerald, more pine than spruce! (Colour nerdery)

Please carefully select your design x colour combinations. Cards are $8 each or 4 for $25, discount automatically applied at checkout.

Artwork Specifications

- 4x6 postcards on Speckletone cardstock
- postcard guidelines printed on the back
- stamp not included

Framing Suggestions

Any off-the-shelf frame with a 4x6" opening. Maybe in a classic style to nod at the vintage-inspired design.

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