Brianna Tosswill

Reading Ornament

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I have always loved the magical ability of paper to be both sculpture and flattened image. These little ornaments, featuring cozy reader complete with book and hot beverage (not to mention a pointsetta motif!), are exactly that. The hidden segment of the paper circle is folded behind the front face, creating interest from all sides. They hang as simple, elegant pendulums, but when you set them on a flat surface they wobble slightly, like fragile little rocking chairs and for the rest of the year they pack safely away, flat.

Scribble a note on the blank face to create an ornament-card hybrid gift!

  • hand-cut paper ornament with orginal linocut design.
  • measuring 5" wide and 4" tall 
  • hanging from a 4" string of twisted cotton in white and beige.
  • the gold (but not antique gold!) is dusted with metallic powder post-printing and has a gorgeous shimmer. The antique gold glints more subtly.
Some options are running low, order soon!
  • 10 x Black
  • 9 x Gold
  • 4 x Blue-Gray
  • 9 x Green