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Jessica Magonet & Brianna Tosswill



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Epilogue by Jessica Magonet is a brief, visceral poem about stories at the end of the world. Her words guide us across barren spaces littered with human detritus. Most shockingly, the vision she calls up of the apocalypse is almost soothing. With deep empathy for our earth, the end of human conflict seems like a relief. Magonet's spinning world feels peaceful.

While this poem addresses the apocalypse, we're still fighting for a just future on our one and only planet. $30 from the sale of each book is going directly to climate justice initiatives to help fund bold climate action.

  • Each poem is printed in hand-set type
  • The paper is 100% handmade with a few main components: rag paper scraps, torn up novels that propose abandoning earth as humanity's future solution, and dandelions. 
  • the page measures 6x9" (15x23.5 cm) 
  • mounted on dark green mat board measuring 8.5x11" (21.25x27.5 cm)
  • the dandelions were collected in late summer in Ontario and Alberta.

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