Brianna Tosswill

Reading Nook

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Sometimes, reading can make you feel so small. Small enough to exist at the same time as billions of others in a universe so large it is nearly impossible to comprehend. Small enough to live unobtrusively inside the head of a protagonist. Small enough to curl up in an abandoned bird's nest with your book and beverage. Small enough to slide between the fibres in the fabric of your own sleeve, sliding inexorably closer to the page that you wish to inhabit. There is comfort and terror in this smallness, especially when the real world begins to resemble a distopian novel a little too closely.

This is a reduction linocut print, meaning every layer is a little more carved away than the previous one. It is printed with lightfast rubber based ink on acid free paper. The paper measures 12.5 x 12.5" (31.75 x 31.75cm) and the image is 12 x 12" (30.5 x 30.5cm). Each print is signed and editioned along the bottom edge of the image. 

  • 10% of all print sales are donated! In March 2021 they're going to The Endometriosis Network Canada.