Meet the Team

Penrose Press is a Canadian publisher focusing on exquisite small editions of fiction, poetry, and art by emerging creatives. We identify as a Fine Press Publisher. Find out what that means to us.

Below you can read about all of the people who bring Penrose Press to life. We have our co-founders, Brianna and Natalie who handle creative direction and editing. We also have a growing roster of authors and poets who do the work of writing, but also of editing, creative consulting and marketing. Nearly every project we take on requires some digital graphic design (even if the fine press edition is completely set in type, the paperback edition is digitally printed) and for the past several projects we've been working with Sienna Tristen who does double duty as an author and graphic designer. These are the creatives whose livelihoods you are directly supporting when you purchase a book from our shop.

Brianna Tosswill Headshot

Brianna Tosswill



Brianna has designed the covers for all of the Penrose Projects, and illustrated all but The Size of Texas.

Brianna is an artist who expresses herself and others in print and book format. She explores the  limits and unique opportunities of letterpress printmaking in her work and is preoccupied with geometry and mathematics. She obtained her BFA in Printmaking with distinction from OCAD University in 2017. She is currently working out of SNAP Printshop in Edmonton, Alberta, a co-operative printmaking facility and non for profit art organization. 
She daydreams of the day when Penrose Press will be a full-time gig. 

Brianna posts on Instagram and Facebook as @penrosepress and you can reach her at


Natalie Lythe Headshot 

Natalie Lythe



Natalie has edited all of the Penrose Projects and curated
Sleep or Else.

Natalie Lythe is the Editor-in-Chief at Penrose Press. She has a BA with Specialized Honours in English from York University, and refuses to choose a favourite book. She is dedicated to using her editorial platform to advocate for diversity, feminism, and queer representation in the publishing industry.

Natalie tweets from @penrosepress and you can reach her at 



Avi Silver

Avi Silver



Avi Silver wrote Pluralities, or

Avi Silver is a queer, nonbinary author of speculative fiction and co-creator of The Shale Project, an award-winning multimedia storytelling initiative. Their queer YA fantasy “Two Dark Moons” (Sãoni Cycle #1) debuted in 2019. Their short fiction can be found in The Shale Project’s web serial “Tales from a Library” and in the Common Bonds anthology, forthcoming in 2020. When they aren’t writing, you can find them playing their baby harp, destroying the gender binary with all due flair, and perfecting their chocolate chip cookie recipe. They are currently based in Toronto. 

Avi tweets from @thescreambean and you can learn more about their writing practise here.


Jasmine Gui Headshot

Jasmine Gui



Jasmine wrote If a Carp Dreams of the Milky Way 

Jasmine Gui is an interdisciplinary artist and arts programmer whose work explores intersectional histories, counter-archivals, invisible labours, translations, traversals, and grief. Her work has been featured in publications such as GUTS, Inheritance, The Spectatorial, Panorama Journal, Softblow, ricepaper, and Hart House Review. Her first chapbook boke, was published with words(on)pages. She is the mother of two bunnies and an emerging tea sommelier who also unapologetically loves bubble tea. 

Jasmine posts on twitter and instagram as @jaziimun


Sanna Wani Headshot

Sanna Wani



Sanna wrote The Pink of the Seams 

Sanna Wani is a student in Toronto. Her poetry is in The Puritan, Cosmonauts Avenue and more. She is the Editor-in-Chief of Acta Victoriana and the 2017 winner of the Norma Epstein prize for poetry. She loves sweet coffee, her old green piano and cold sunny days.

Sanna posts on twitter as @sannareya and on instagram as @sannawani



Kate Finegan Headshot

Kate Finegan



Kate wrote The Size of Texas 

Kate Finegan writes fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry. She has won The Fiddlehead’s fiction prize, Phoebe Journal's creative nonfiction contest, and Tresholds' feature essay competition; been runner-up for The Puritan’s Thomas Morton Memorial Prize; and been shortlisted for the Cambridge Short Story Prize. Her work has appeared in Longleaf Review, Phoebe, Thresholds, The Puritan, Midwestern Gothic, The Fiddlehead, and The Sun. She is a reviewer for Humber Literary Review and reads submissions for The Masters Review and Augur Magazine. She is working on a novel, which was a semi-finalist for the James Jones First Novel Fellowship, and short story collection.



Gabrielle Crowley Headshot

Gabrielle Crowley



Gabrielle wrote The Midnight Garden 

Gabrielle Crowley grew up in Ontario and now lives in Montreal where she studies English Literature and Creative writing. Her work has been published with The Ginger Collect. She was a co-editor-in-chief of Soliloquies Anthology, having previously worked as a prose editor. She drinks too much tea and is very passionate about dragons. 

Gabrielle tweets as @gabbylcrowley and posts on instagram as @gabby.crowley


Sienna Tristen Headshot

Sienna Tristen

(they/them and she/her)


Sienna wrote The Insomniac's Assistant and has done graphic design for all the Penrose Projects since 2019.

Sienna Tristen is a writer and artist based out of Toronto. Her first work of poetry, The Insomniac’s Assistant, is available through Penrose Press; she is also the author of The Heretic’s Guide to Homecoming, the flagship fantasy novel of The Shale Project. A purveyor of many skills and talents, she can also lead a yoga class, play you a tune on violin, speak to you in three and a half languages, fix your website, and climb forty feet in the air on a pair of silks. Sienna earned her BA in Linguistics from Glendon College, York University, while working as an editor and layout designer for the campus newspaper. She is currently writing her second novel. 

Sienna can be reached at


Rebecca Davison-Mora Headshot

Rebecca Davison-Mora



Rebecca wrote Letters to Frida 

Rebecca is a Toronto based poet and recent graduate from York University's Creative Writing program. Heavily influenced by Mexican icons such Frida Khalo and Ocatvio Paz, Rebecca aims to analyze, reconcile and interrogate the relationship of her education and her cultural identity. When she isn't writing Rebecca is arranging flowers, interning, cuddling her kittens and working events around the city. Rebecca's theatrical work has been workshopped and performed through York University's Playground Festival, her essays have been published in Beautiful Minds Magazine, York University's Excalibur Magazine and Samuel J Zacks Gallery, and her poetry has been featured in the West Coast publication the Claremont Review. 

Rebecca posts on instagram as @davisonmorawriter


Terry Abrahams Headshot

Terry Abrahams



Terry wrote A Wish 

Terry Abrahams lives and writes quietly in Toronto. His work has been a part of BALDHIP, (parenthetical), Peach Mag, the Puritan, and many gendered mothers, among others.

Terry tweets as @trabrahams


 Joyce Jodie Kim Headshot

Joyce Jodie Kim



Joyce wrote Caterpillar Portraits

Joyce Jodie Kim is the author of Caterpillar Portraits which is the first official publication of Penrose Press. She and Brianna were enrolled in the same creative writing class in the Fall of 2016 which allowed Brianna to read a couple of chapters of what would eventually become Caterpillar Portraits. That was all it took. 

​Joyce is currently pursuing her BFA in Drawing and Painting at OCAD University with a Creative Writing minor. She seeks authenticity and vulnerability and her words reflect a timidly hopeful worldview. She loves bouldering, carpentry, stress writing poetry, and languages. One of her favourite book series is the Mark of the Lion by Francine Rivers. 

Joyce posts on instagram as @joyceyjodie