Brianna Tosswill

Faithful Friends Card

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This card is all about the classic holiday sweater knit-pattern. I could have restricted it to the woman's torso but then we wouldn't be able to revel in the glory of fir trees, snowflakes in various scales and degrees of detail, and painstaking blended stitch transitions. Forgive me, I don't actually knit (or pearl) but I'm a lover of patterns! 

  • heavy, cotton rag paper printed with an original linocut design
  • measuring 4" wide and 5.5" tall closed
  • comes with a cream coloured envelope
  • the gold version has metallic powder brushed over it post-printing and has a gorgeous shimmer. 
  • the inside left (verso, in book terms!) is blank, as is the back of the card, just in case you need to write a rambling sort of note, as I often do!


The interior of this card has this letterpress-printed text:

Faithful friends/ who are dear to us/ gather near to us/ once more


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  • 8 x Green