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10 Greeting Card Bundle: Earnest Affection

4 left in the edition

This 10 card bundle is a selection of the best, most earnest and affectionate cards from the Penrose collection. They are specific in terms of the emotion they seek to evoke but not in terms of holidays or recipients. 

  • 2 x "May this year bring..." (suggested occasion: Birthday/New Year)
  • 2 x "For all the things I cannot teach you..." (suggested recipient: your child, grandchild, mentee)
  • 2 x "I'll take care of you..." (suggested recipient: a loved one with anxiety)
  • 2 x "Sending you Resilience" (suggested recipient: new parents; parents of teenagers; anyone in this dragging, devastating pandemic)
  • 1 x "Thanks for adapting our relationship..." (suggested recipient: your parent)
  • 1 x "Life is confusing..." (suggested recipient: your parent)

These cards have been written and designed according to my desire to show my loved ones that I see them, that their struggles are real, their dreams are worthwhile, their efforts are recognized, and that I am available and eager to listen whenever they need it. If those are things you want to communicate to your people, this may be the set of cards for you. As always, I encourage a personalized note/letter for the interior, but the covers definitely give you a good jumping off point.

  • heavy, cotton rag paper printed with lead type
  • measuring 6.25" x 4.5" closed
  • comes with a coloured envelope for each card
  • no plastic packaging at all
  • the insides are blank, as are most of the backs of the cards, just in case you need to write a rambling sort of note, as I often do!


The interior of these cards are blank.

10 cards regular price: $100

Auto bundling takes 20% off any purchase of 3 or more cards. 20% off 10 cards: $80

Save and additional $10 with this bundle of 10 cards for $70!

***subsitutions available upon request! email or send me a message on instagram @penrosepress