Brianna Tosswill

Parson Brown

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This card is an illustration of my comical misunderstanding of a classic carol. 

In the meadow we will build a snowman

and pretend that he is Parson brown.

He'll say "are you married?" 

We'll say "no, man. But you can do the job while you're in town!"

Up until after I had completed this card last season, I was under the impression that the "we" in Winter Wonderland was a couple of friends who both had a crush on the local pastor. I thought they were pretending to be married to him for the weekend, not pretending to be married by him, to each other! Apparently, the latter is the common interpretation. I still like my imagining and the source of inspiration for this image: frosty kisses.

This is a card for your friends and family who like singing along, even when they don't always know the words!

  • heavy, cotton rag paper printed with an original linocut design
  • measuring 4" wide and 5.5" tall closed
  • comes with a cream coloured envelope
  • the gold version has metallic powder brushed over it post-printing and has a gorgeous shimmer. 
  • the inside is blank, as is the back of the card, just in case you need to write a rambling sort of note, as I often do!


The interior of this card is blank.

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  • 6 x Black
  • 6 x Gold
  • 6 x Blue-Gray