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Brianna Tosswill

Shelf Potential

Shelf Potential

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Beauty and the Beast (1991) has one of THE definitive fantasy libraries (and library fantasies) which caused myself and a huge number of others to include "library with library ladder" in our imaginings about a perfect space. My dreams are only slightly disrupted by the fact that I'm nearly 6 feet tall and perfectly able to reach books on tall shelves without ladders. I'll just add double height ceilings to my fantasy.

In designing this print, I was thinking a lot about potential, and libraries. An empty shelf may seem less than ideal on the surface, but consider that it has space for your inevitably growing book collection! I have always loved empty rooms for the potential they hold. An empty sace can become anything. A new book has the potential to become your favourite. 

  • linocut print
  • limited edition of 17.
  • The image area measures 4x7" (10x17.5cm) 
  • The paper measures 6x9" (15x22.5cm) and is a sheet of handmade recycled paper with coloured flecks (purple, green, and yellow) and bits of dried lavender.
  • Printed with dark green, rubber based Vanson ink, which is lightfast and will not fade over time.
  • Signed and editioned by the artist along the bottom of the image.
  • 10% of print sales are donated! 

Ps. The model in the photos is one I built so I could see how light would fall on rungs and shelves in this imaginary space.


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