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Where we lay, we have everything we need.

This room for Makda is all about perspective. During my conversation/interview with her, we talked about small moments in the face of cosmic events. We talked about the heaviness of ongoing apocalypse. We talked about how community achievements feel like personal ones. We talked about hyper independence and giving yourself permission to be soft. Makda reminisced about stargazing with her cousins.  This print is part of my Notions of Comfort series and called "Where we lay, we have everything we need."

Makda's own poetry graces the crown moulding. It says:

this world loves us like a bruise

prods us tender, weary

what we suspend between us, sustains

What I love about it: The balance between sparkly, unreachable universe and quiet moments with people you don't have to explain yourself to. 

  • reduction linocut in which the matrix is destroyed over the course of repeated carving and printing. (6 layers of reduction plus a separate sky block)
  • printed on thin, white washi paper.
  • rubber and oil based inks that will not fade over time.
  • 12x12" image area on 12.5x15" paper.
  • title printed below the bottom edge of the image in lead type as part of the editioning.
  • Limited edition of 25 but only 15 will be available at this time.
  • The paper is trimmed in such a way that it could be framed conventionally with mat and glass, but it would also look great with a minimal, wooden poster hanger on the top and bottom.