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Interviews and Reviews

Avebury: Collaboartive Artist's Book Launch 

with the Edmonton Public Library 

In this YouTube recording of the zoom call Wendy McGrath and Brianna Tosswill have a conversation about bookarts and collaboration. Wendy reads Aveburyand Brianna speaks in detail about its design.

Mythology and Cosmos: A review of Jasmine Gui’s “If a Carp Dreams of the Milky Way”

by Manahil Bandukwala for PRISM International

"If a Carp Dreams of the Milky Way demonstrates the possibilities of multidisciplinary collaborations to evoke a new type of heightened emotional response. This is poetry and art of dream and myth that, like folklore, carries on across generations and takes a form unique to its storyteller."

Wandering To Inevitable Arrivals (ft. Penrose Press)

 by Jasmine Gui for Teh People Studio

"Our ideation conversations are nebulous in a way that only creative folk who have wandering built intentionally into their work process can sustain. We circle around images, ideas, placements, materials, designs, tones and methods. Decisions aren’t preset markers. They are inevitable arrivals. It is a kind of joy to work with people in this way."

Caterpillar Portraits by Joyce Jodie Kim | KEEP CALM AND READ ON

by S Golinski for

"Adults and children alike will find themselves in this poignant reflection on childhood; I was personally awed by the breathlessly genuine description of Joy and her sister Noel’s cardboard architecture in the chapter, “The Closet,” which effortlessly encompasses the liminal kingdom between the wisdom of age and wonder of childhood."