Pluralities, or: It's finally here!

Avi Silver's novella is a slipstream-meets-space-adventure all about one person’s complex journey into nonbinary identity. Complete with nineteen illustrations by Brianna Tosswill, it is a triumph of colour and tenderness alike, and we are so excited to be sharing it with you in Summer 2020. 

We're bringing you two editions as usual: paperback and fine press. Because the fine press run is made by hand (handbound spines, individually marbled covers, full of beautiful linocut prints, speckled with shimmer), each copy is visually unique. See the examples below alongside the comic-style cover further down for the unlimited edition of paperbacks! You can preorder here now! You can preview the product pages for Fine Press and Paperback at these links. You can also check out PLURALITIES, OR on Goodreads. Our advance readers have been loving it.

Pluaralities, or - Avi Silver


We make really pretty books.

This is independent publishing for those who care deeply about the experience of the book in addition to its contents. If we could make them smell just a little musty, we would, but in reality you're more likely to catch a whiff of rubber-based ink from the letterpress process. The Pink of the Seams by Sanna Wani is wrapped in an envelope that feels like a starchy quilt, and protects the vulnerable feelings expressed inside. The Midnight Garden by Gabrielle Crowley has been kissed, literally, twice on every copy. Let the body language of our books speak to you.