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Conversations with the Ocean by Evelyn Elgie and Brianna Tosswill is available for purchase now! Order before Dec 1 for your best chance of receiving before Christmas.

Hi, I'm Brianna Tosswill

Nerd Time with Brianna

What is the reading-feeling?

I definitely made up this word to try and express the goodness of simultaneous adventure and safety. The experience of education through entertainment. The mood that comes over you when you enter a library or brew a cup of tea on a winter afternoon. Allow me to feed (or cultivate) your love of the reading-feeling.

I'm not a writer, but I've been so lucky to collaborate with several super talented authors and poets.

When I work with another creative, which is often, we each bring our various skills to the table to try and make something more than the sum of our parts. You can click here to read about some of my awesome collaborators, and here if you think you might want to make a thing together in the future!