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Penrose Press is comfort.

Brianna Tosswill is a linocut artist who creates from a space of deep empathy and care. Her work embraces viewers/readers and invites them to rest.

Hi, I'm Brianna

I am a linocut artist making art, cards, and books about seeking comfort. By comfort, I mean the things that make you feel better about living in the world. The three questions that are central to my practice right now are:

How do you seek comfort? (You’ve had a bad day, what do you do?)

Why do you need to seek comfort? (What is causing you distress?)

Do you think you deserve comfort? (This one hits hard)

My dream is to install my art in spaces like the teen section of a public library. I learned a while ago that we develop our coping mechanisms when we’re teens and I want to offer comfort-seeking options!

If you feel like sharing your answers to these questions, I am always open to conversation!

Prints for Bibliophiles

Since 2019 I've been choosing to embrace my nose-in-book tendencies and as a result, I've made a few really cool reduction linocuts featuring readers. Beyond subject matter, each print aims to capture the specific feelings associated with reading, like

-the mythology of having a whole day to read, sans interruption, without guilt.

-the way reading can become and out-of-body experience

-what would a perfect place to read look like?

Books for Art Collectors

Penrose Press started life as an aspiring indie publisher but now it's the umbrella that shelters all of my collaborative efforts. In 2021 I created and launched four new poetic works (including an infinity book, and handmade paper that implores you to embrace our one planet). I recommend signing up for these sweet emails so you don't miss any of them!

I've been so lucky to collaborate with several super talented authors and poets, and one weaver!

When I work with another creative, which is often, we each bring our various skills to the table to try and make something more than the sum of our parts. You can click here to read about some of my awesome collaborators, and here if you think you might want to make a thing together in the future!

Earnest Greeting Cards

This is not the place to find a tongue-in-cheek, funny, let's-make-light-of-our-love kind of greeting card. This is the place to find a card that puts your heart on your sleeve and shares big feelings. If you want to make your mom cry happy tears, or give your best friend a boost from the other side of the country, I've got you.

Allow them to choose!

When I was at the markets last season I heard one thing from collectors over and over again;

"I'm supposed to be shopping for gifts but this is for me."

I get it. Art is personal. So for everyone who wants to offer that nuanced selection to their loved ones, you can now purchase a gift card ☺