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Brianna Tosswill

The Comfort House Project Zine

The Comfort House Project Zine

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A tiny booklet to accompany The Comfort House Project. It includes all of the titles of the prints/rooms in the series. Each one is a comforting phrase.

This booklet came from my belief in not wasting labour. I carved and printed these title banners to collage onto the house sculpture so that the titles (which are hidden during assembly) could be part of the finished project. But I really only needed 10 copies for that, and they took days to carve so: ~100 zine/booklets! I even got to use paper offcuts! Big thanks to my mom for helping me fold them before the Artist Project (and indulging my need to fold the spine just so, even though most people can't tell the difference!).

Artwork Specifications

- each booklet measures 3x4" (7.5x10cm) closed
- it's an instabook (folded from a single sheet, no glue or sewn binding)
- 100% linocut (no, really)
- printed with mossy green ink on white kozuke paper

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