Donations from Sales

As of September 2020, 10% of all sales through Penrose Press are being donated to various charities. I believe in sustainability. That means asking a price for art and books that pays contributors and myself fairly. Creatives are too often asked to work for free. Sustainability also means that instead of donating to my community when I eventually feel financially stable and well off (an ambiguous future state), I am building the donations into my business from this early stage, normalizing them for myself as I learn to be a better community member (a challenge during 2020 when community connection feels difficult if not imposible). I am starting with the following charities, but I may change them out to support the many causes I am passionate about: climate change, anti-racism, indigenous rights, trans rights, repairing homelessness, and literacy.

Future donations will be recorded here for transparency.

September 2020

  • $57.50 to Young Alberta Book Society

October 2020

  • $8 to Young Alberta Book Society
  • $231.50 to RAVEN Trust

 November 2020

  • $33.20 to Young Alberta Book Society
  • $24 to RAVEN Trust


Young Alberta Book Society

The Young Alberta Book Society's mission is to foster literacy and a love of reading among young people in Alberta through exposure to Alberta literary artists and their work.

I am choosing to donate 10% of all unspecified sales to YABS because I believe a love of reading is foundational to a plethora of life skills and human qualities. Reading means learning not just facts but empathy and imagination. These facets of personhood can lead a child or teen literally anywhere they wish to go.


raven trust

RAVEN raises legal defence funds to assist First Nations who enforce their rights and title and protect their traditional territories. Through our educational programs, RAVEN transforms public awareness to eliminate environmental racism and create a collaborative new economy.

Evelyn chose RAVEN as the charity to receive 10% of sales of Conversations with the Ocean (preoders starting in Sept). Since both of us are working on this project from a settler perspective, we thought it important to acknowledge the original and continuing caretakers of the lands we live in.