I truly believe that collaboration is the lifeblood of a creative practice. It's not always easy: as artists, authors and poets, we tend to have pretty strong opinions about how a thing should not only look, but live in the world. When it works, though, it's magic. I know that I have learned so much through my relationship with every collaborator, and I wouldn't trade that for a letterpress-furnished studio cabin in the woods. 

Below you can read about all of the people who bring Penrose Press to life.  These are the creatives whose livelihoods you are directly supporting when you purchase a book from our shop.

Brianna Tosswill Headshot

Brianna Tosswill



You've likely already met me, but here's my bio for a quick refresher!

Brianna is an artist who expresses herself and others in print and book format. She explores the  limits and unique opportunities of letterpress printmaking in her work and is preoccupied with geometry and mathematics. She obtained her BFA in Printmaking with distinction from OCAD University in 2017. She is currently working out of SNAP Printshop in Edmonton, Alberta, a co-operative printmaking facility and non for profit art organization. 

Brianna posts on Instagram and Facebook as @penrosepress and you can reach her at


Kit Ingram Headshot

Kit Ingram



Kit wrote Alice and Antius

 Kit Ingram (first published as Cory Ingram) is an award-winning queer writer based in London. His recent poetry earned short-listings for the Bridport Prize, and his fiction a long-listing for the Grindstone Literary Novel Prize, among others.

In 2019 he published Paradise, a novel, and in 2021 will publish his debut poetry collection Alice and Antius with Penrose Press.

After graduating from the University of Toronto with an education in philosophy, Kit took to entrepreneurship and now freelances as a communications strategist working with small and Indigenous-run businesses.

In his spare time, you’ll find him playing with his golden retriever, Hugo, or cycling across English Heritage country with a smile on his face.


Wendy McGrath

Wendy McGrath



Wendy wrote Avebury


Wendy McGrath is a Métis writer who has published four novels and two books of poetry.
McGrath works in multiple genres—fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction, and spoken word. Her
most recent book, Broke City, is the final novel in her prairie-gothic Santa Rosa Trilogy. This
acclaimed trilogy chronicles the struggles of a working-class family and is told through the eyes
of a child narrator. McGrath is also a printmaker and creator of artist’s books.

Ola Bjelica (black and white photo of a young woman circa 1950, laughing and not looking at the camera)

Ola Bjelica

[ˈoʊlə bjělitsa]



Ola wrote The Solitudes


Ola Bjelica is the pen name of a scholar living in Tiohtiá:ke/Montréal who took up poetry in response to pandemic isolation and overwhelm in 2021. The Solitudes will be her first published work.

She spends her free time running (from her problems) and reading (about other people’s).

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Evelyn Elgie

Evelyn Elgie

(she/her) or (they/them)


Evelyn wrote Conversations with the Ocean

Evelyn Elgie is a queer white settler-Canadian who recently finished her MA from UBC's Social Justice Institute. Her poetic, academic, and artistic practice grapples with difficult questions around decolonization, responsibility, land, and water, trying to unlearn settler perspectives and think through different possibilities for living and loving. She moves across the country with the seasons, spending her summers planting trees in northern Ontario and her winters immersed in queer theory, art, and equity work in Vancouver. Depending on the time of year, she might be calling a tent, a van, or a laneway house "home".

Evelyn's poetry has appeared in Glass Mountain, Hinge, and Open Heart Forgery, and her work on polyasexual intimacies is forthcoming with Demeter Press in the collection Reproduction and Parnting Beyond the Binary. She is the co-creator of the blog Not Banging, the producer of the piloted podcast Accessible Democracy and the winner of the 2017 Claire Fooshee Poetry Prize.

Evelyn posts on instagram as @evelyn_elgie and @inkfingers_



Jasmine Gui Headshot

Jasmine Gui



Jasmine wrote If a Carp Dreams of the Milky Way 

Jasmine Gui is an interdisciplinary artist and arts programmer whose work explores intersectional histories, counter-archivals, invisible labours, translations, traversals, and grief. Her work has been featured in publications such as GUTS, Inheritance, The Spectatorial, Panorama Journal, Softblow, ricepaper, and Hart House Review. Her first chapbook boke, was published with words(on)pages. She is the mother of two bunnies and an emerging tea sommelier who also unapologetically loves bubble tea. 

Jasmine posts on twitter and instagram as @jaziimun


Kate Finegan Headshot

Kate Finegan



Kate wrote The Size of Texas an out-of-print project from 2018

Kate Finegan writes fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry. She has won The Fiddlehead’s fiction prize, Phoebe Journal's creative nonfiction contest, and Tresholds' feature essay competition; been runner-up for The Puritan’s Thomas Morton Memorial Prize; and been shortlisted for the Cambridge Short Story Prize. Her work has appeared in Longleaf Review, Phoebe, Thresholds, The Puritan, Midwestern Gothic, The Fiddlehead, and The Sun. She is a reviewer for Humber Literary Review and reads submissions for The Masters Review and Augur Magazine. She is working on a novel, which was a semi-finalist for the James Jones First Novel Fellowship, and short story collection.



Rebecca Davison-Mora Headshot

Rebecca Davison-Mora



Rebecca wrote Letters to Frida 

Rebecca is a Toronto based poet and recent graduate from York University's Creative Writing program. Heavily influenced by Mexican icons such Frida Khalo and Ocatvio Paz, Rebecca aims to analyze, reconcile and interrogate the relationship of her education and her cultural identity. When she isn't writing Rebecca is arranging flowers, interning, cuddling her kittens and working events around the city. Rebecca's theatrical work has been workshopped and performed through York University's Playground Festival, her essays have been published in Beautiful Minds Magazine, York University's Excalibur Magazine and Samuel J Zacks Gallery, and her poetry has been featured in the West Coast publication the Claremont Review. 

Rebecca posts on instagram as @davisonmorawriter


 Joyce Jodie Kim Headshot

Joyce Jodie Kim



Joyce wrote Caterpillar Portraits

Joyce Jodie Kim is the author of Caterpillar Portraits which is the first official publication of Penrose Press. She and Brianna were enrolled in the same creative writing class in the Fall of 2016 which allowed Brianna to read a couple of chapters of what would eventually become Caterpillar Portraits. That was all it took. 

​Joyce is currently pursuing her BFA in Drawing and Painting at OCAD University with a Creative Writing minor. She seeks authenticity and vulnerability and her words reflect a timidly hopeful worldview. She loves bouldering, carpentry, stress writing poetry, and languages. One of her favourite book series is the Mark of the Lion by Francine Rivers. 

Joyce posts on instagram as @joyceyjodie