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Brianna Tosswill

In silence and solitude you can hear your own soul.

In silence and solitude you can hear your own soul.

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Part of The Comfort House Project: Stay as long as you like

This linocut reduction print shows Princeton in his happy place, feeling the presence of God. 

I met Princeton at a Starbucks after having him recommended to me for the project by a new friend, who also only knew him professionally. It was a tenuous connection and I had my fingers crossed that our conversation could be emotional and generative. He answered my core questions fairly quickly and I asked if it was okay for me to ask more. Somewhere in the middle he came alive when we realized that he didn't seek comfort after a bad day in the same way most people I had interviewed did (my queries had become accidentally leading!). Princeton's comfort practice is proactive rather than reactive. Every morning he wakes up early and sits with tea and something to read (Christian spiritual and leadership texts usually) and allows himself to just be. This contemplative prayer and reflection prepares him for whatever a day may bring so that when hard things do happen, he is able to respond in a grounded, calm way. 

I told Princeton about how across the Comfort House Project I was including elements of magical realism, moments of not-quite-possible. He asked if I could include an angel and then we had a conversation about what that might look like. I was raised Catholic in a predominately white community and so I knew that the idea of an angel I had in my mind wouldn't necessarily be right. Princeton was able to recommend me a youtube video that sent me in the right direction, which I abstracted to eventually create the presence in Princeton's room with him. 

I feel the need to share the amazing effect that these kinds of conversations can have. At the beginning of our acquaintance, Princeton was somewhat reserved, and weeks later, while I was messaging him about reference photos, he was offering me trust, and checking in to make sure "Brianna the person" was doing okay while "Brianna the artist" was being so prolific. I highly encourage you to talk about comfort with the people you want to feel closer to. 


Artwork Specifications

- 12x12" (30x30cm) print on 14x14" (35x35cm) paper
- linocut reduction (printed in successive layers from a single block)
- limited edition of 25
- signed and editioned by the artist along the bottom edge of the image
- typeset title
- printed on Kozuke white Japanese paper
-printed with rubber- and oil-based inks that will not fade over time

Framing Suggestions

- natural wood (dark brown) molding 20x20"
- white mat to match the paper.

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