A Tactile Notion

Starting during the holiday season this year, Kim McCollum and I are putting our creative brains together to make you a gorgeous, simple, handmade, subscription package. Kim is one of the wonderful artists/business women that I've met since moving to Alberta. She has a weaving and painting practice and co-runs Gather Textiles. It took me a long time to boil our collaboration down to this but in the most essential terms:

Kim occasionally considers weaving as text/storytelling/communication/knowledge storing... and I believe you can convince yourself that anything is a book. There is a sweet spot in our creative venn diagram and this project fits perfectly within it.

 a tactile notion, kim mccollum and brianna tosswillKim and I enjoyed a curatorial, idea-generating, studio day a couple months ago where we put textiles and prints together in a super satisfying way.


 We're mailing out four distinct packages over the course of 2020/2021:

december 11 2020 mailout march 19 2020 mailout
june 18 2020 mailout september 17 2020 mailout


You can sign up to receive one, two, or four packages (with an increasing discount of course!) and they make a wonderful gift for someone you want to show love to all year long. 

Every package contains a sample of a weaving by Kim, including a draft of the handwoven sample (the pattern for how to create it) if you're a textile-type human. It also contains a print by yours truly, involving lino and/or hand-set-type and/or papermaking (2021 is going to be FUN). There's a quotation element, and a bit of book-structural presentation, and we're wrapping it all in a super cute button-string envelope. 

 a tactile notion, kim mccollum and brianna tosswill

The first iteration of this project [Volume No. 1] contains a weaving sample titled "poppies" in red cotton and light brown linen. The linocut print included is a meditation on reading and codification outside of conventional language. It is called "reader - weaver". To be honest, I wanted to call it "reader/weaver" but I didn't have the diagonal slash in the lead typeface I was using! The text below the linocut is from Kim's notes on the subject: 

A weaving is a story.

It has a beginning and an end.

It can be deciphered line by line.


reader - weaver by brianna tosswill

The weaving sample "poppies" that Kim created has a delicious texture and rich colour. It looks great on the reverse as well, which you can see a bit of in the photo below! You don't have to leave the swatch in the booklet.


swatch sample poppies by kim mccollum

You can purchase 1, 2, or 4 consecutive volumes below:


Come back and visit this page in February to see what's coming in the March mailout!!

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