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Growth comes through love.

This room for Will and Harper-Hugo Darling is designed to be a place where resilience is not required. During the conversation/interview, I filled five pages of my sketchbook with notes while the two of them finished each other's sentences and guessed each other's answers. Will talked about horror as a genre that defribulates their emotions when they're receding into numbness. They talked about being a social chameleon and why that's exhausting. Harper-Hugo talked about the heaviness and importance of their writing job which is "to love and lose these people (queer folks) who have been excluded from history books". They say that some of their deepest comfort comes from feeling and honouring their own feelings. This print is part of my Notions of Comfort series and called "Growth comes through love."

The big brass elevator doors in the middle are an homage to Tamora Pierce and her YA fantasy heroines.

What I love about it: the deep cozy maximalism and fantasy library vibes were very fun to play with.

  • reduction linocut in which the matrix is destroyed over the course of repeated carving and printing. (6 layers of reduction)
  • printed on thin, white washi paper.
  • rubber and oil based inks that will not fade over time.
  • 12x16" image area on 14x18" paper.
  • title printed below the bottom edge of the image in lead type as part of the editioning.
  • Limited edition of 27 but only 15 will be available at this time.
  • This print will fit beautifully in an off-the-shelf 16x20 picture frame, a custom may may not even be required.