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Brianna Tosswill

The many lifetimes of an avid reader

The many lifetimes of an avid reader

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I have been left reeling by a paradigm shift, a death in the family, the betrayal of a close friend, only to remember... nope, that happened to the protagonist. Nothing much has happened in my own life this week, and just because I compressed years of story into hours of reading doesn't mean that time has passed. However, I'm still tired and emotional.

This letterpress mini-poster (broadside?) came from a rambling notebook scribble that I thought might resonate with people outside of my own thoughts.

"Sometimes, "I've had a busy week." means that I launched a book, tabled at a weekend market, and made a many-layered linocut. And sometimes, it means I discovered a new book series, binge-read four 500 page novels, and then spent some time trying to process the lives and histories that now take up space inside my head."


  • Typeset in 36 pt Monotype Lydian
  • Full justified
  • Printed in a non-metallic copper ink
  • Printed on French Paper Speckletone True White
  • Limited edition of 14 copies


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