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Brianna Tosswill

The wind will take me where I need to go

The wind will take me where I need to go

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Part of The Comfort House Project: Stay as long as you like

In this room I designed for my dad, I was thinking about how much he loves boats. This is a man who used to sit in a canoe on the grass in our yard, reading sailing magazines, a man who named one of his sailboats "Fourth Child", a man who, in designing his own boat hulls, made quarter scale models and tested them in our pool with jugs of water to represent his weight, and my mom's. But especially small, wooden, sailboats have captured his heart. You can read his thoughts about this here.

I never properly interviewed my dad because I hadn't developed that part of the project when I designed and printed this image. I have plans to correct this oversight. I learned while interviewing my siblings that just because you know someone pretty well, doesn't mean you won't be surprised by their answers to specific questions like these.

All of the spaces in The Comfort House Project are interiors, so my dad gets a pool, and not a real lake, as I'm sure he would prefer. I also wanted to pull on the magic of giving your imagination a helping hand by creating a situation that is as close as possible to what you're dreaming of. Who can say, maybe the pool doesn't exist, and my dad's imagination has transformed a living room into this. I also lit this basement room as if it were exposed to full sun. 

  • See those two little circular holes at the front of the boat? Those are for inserting a small mast, making this a convertible dinghy/sailboat.
  • The dog's name is George and in real life there is only one of him. But this is fantasy.
  • The notes on the chalkboard are scanned and duplicated from my dad's journal. His drawings, his handwriting.
  • The pool is inspired by a pool in Boldt Castle on Heart Island, a place we toured during some summer vacation we took as a family when I was a preteen. The pool was a dilapidated concrete construction that I projcted luxury onto because we were in a castle
  • (not super relevant to the artwork, and not the boat depicted but super cute regardless) My dad's current sailboat is named Betty. She's an orange, fiberglass, 9.5' long boat that he salvaged from the local dump and refurbished. She was originally named Ugly Betty, but it doesn't suit her anymore.
  • When I had sketched in the bulk of this room, I took a picture and sent it to him, asking "What else would be in this room that would contribute to feelings of comfort, well being, and inspiration?" he answered over text with just two words "Your mom?"

    Artwork Specifications

    - 10x12" (25x30cm) print on 12x14" (30x35cm) paper
    - linocut reduction (printed in successive layers from a single block)
    - limited edition of 25
    - signed and editioned by the artist along the bottom edge of the image
    - printed with rubber- and oil-based inks that will not fade over time
    - printed on Unryu Tissue Heavy Dark Green Japanese paper
    - typeset title

    Framing Suggestions

    - natural wood, gray, or white molding 18x20"
    - dark mat (matching the green of the paper if possible) This will allow the nuances and details to show.

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