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Brianna Tosswill

My life would suck without you.

My life would suck without you.

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It's really special to have a friend who is in community with you both emotionally and physically. This artwork features Zeph and Mary, friends and neighbours who support each other beautifully. They shared with me (while the three of us were walking from Mary's place to a park nearby to climb a tree) that they had met through one of Mary's ex-partners, who had been friends with Zeph, but that their newer friendship had become more important to them than those previous bonds. 

With this print and its pal Want to be friends? I wanted to draw attention to the magical feeling of a conversation with one of your best friends. We often denote friendship as Platonic, or non-romantic, but there is so much romance in the experience of being fully seen and appreciated by someone. I put these real friends in trees to evoke that magic on the outside, as well.

Artwork Specifications

- 12x16" (30x40cm) print on 14x18" (35x45cm) paper
- linocut reduction (printed in successive layers from a single block) with pressure printing and selective inking
- limited edition of 24
- signed and editioned by the artist along the bottom edge of the image
- printed on off-white Japanese paper
-printed with rubber- and oil-based inks that will not fade over time

Framing Suggestions

- natural wood, dark green, or gold molding 18x24
- white mat to match the paper. This will look really classic and let the image breathe.

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