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Brianna Tosswill

Good night, Westley

Good night, Westley

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If you know, you know. I always had this sense that Westley was bi and had something going on with "Ryan" the Dread Pirate Roberts who mentored him. The tattoo on Ryan's chest reads: DPR 6 

The text in the waves reads:

Good night, Westley. Good work. Sleep well. I'll most likely kill you in the morning. -William Goldman

Artwork Specifications

- linocut
- limited edition of 38
- The image goes right to the edge of the paper
- The paper measures 5x7" (12.5x17.5cm)
- Printed with rubber based Vanson ink, which is lightfast and will not fade over time.
- 10% of print sales are donated!

Framing Suggestions

This is a 5x7 print which means it will be really easy to frame! Keep it simple. A dark gray or navy frame might be really nice. The paper is gray, so consider avoiding bright white mats.

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