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Brianna Tosswill

Parent Day Celebration Card (Dreams)

Parent Day Celebration Card (Dreams)

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This card works for any and all parents:

  • moms
  • dads
  • foster parents
  • non-binary parents
  • step-parents
  • parental figures
  • grandparents
  • honestly, this one would work for anyone in your life!


This card is for folks who have chosen paths that are a bit baffling to the people who love them all the same.
  • handmade recycled paper with rainbow coloured flecks. Printed in mustard yellow.
  • measuring 4" wide and 5.5" tall closed
  • comes with a lemongrass envelope
  • the inside is blank, as is most of the back of the card, just in case you need to write a rambling sort of note, as I often do! 
  • You can write on this paper but you have to use a ballpoint pen. Pencil kind of works and felt-tip pens definitely don't.


The interior of this card is blank.

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