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Brianna Tosswill

The Lingering Protagonist

The Lingering Protagonist

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This print is for audiobook readers.

Audiobook reading = Reading

It's also for people who realy sink into the protagonist who they're spending time with. Sometimes I can feel and overwhelming determination or grief, for no apparent reason until I pick my book back up and remember that the protagonist is going through some stuff. They (their personalities, dreams, and fears) linger with you.

  • linocut reduction in which the matrix (linoleum) ceases to be by the end of printing.
  • limited edition of 40.
  • The image area measures 4x9" (10x22.5cm) 
  • The paper measures 5x10" (12.5x25cm) and is a sheet of slightly textured white cover paper.
  • Printed with rubber based Vanson ink, which is lightfast and will not fade over time.
  • It is part of my Reader Series along with Reading Nook, and Transported.
  • 10% of print sales are donated! In March 2021 they're going to The Endometriosis Network Canada.

I worked from an (amazing) reference photo by @chrwonstie of @joyceyjodie. Follow these talented people!

This print began life as a fundrasier with #printmakersagainstracism. During the 3 day fundraiser100% of the proceeds from sales were donated to @makingspace.yeg and @butterflycsw. Both organizations received $260.


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