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Kit Ingram & Brianna Tosswill

Alice and Antius Ebook

Alice and Antius Ebook

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Alice and Antius is a narrative poem following the lives of two lovers--a scientist and a poet--through a climate apocalypse. Survivors of a lost time, they enter a labyrinth filled with the haze of nostalgia, loss, meaning, and hope.

At turns mythic and intimate, wry and lyrical, Alice and Antius show us the power of words to trace our path across the shadow of ruin.

The digital version of this book includes all of the illustration and design (except physical design) of the fine art version. There are more carefully considered details than you can possibly take in all at once. This meld of word and image will offer you new meaning every time you revisit it. Remember to be kind to yourself. This story is timely and hard to bear at times, but so worthwhile.

  • 10% of all sales will be donated to RAVEN Trust

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