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Brianna Tosswill



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This artwork is inspired by my friend Dana and her best friend Kate. Personally, I find it easy to verbally express affection for my friends, but I'm less comfortable with physical affection. I really admire friends like Dana and Kate who link arms, hold hands, and sit together all snuggled. They've also been friends for ages, since summer camp days, with friendship bracelets, BFF doodles scratched into desks, and dreams of shared tattoos. 
Adults of all genders seem to look down on teenage girls for having silly priorities, speech patterns, tastes, and interests. That smacks of internalized misogyny to me. There is a tiktok sound making the rounds that goes something like "Your thirties are for enjoying without shame those things you loved in secret when you were thirteen." Lately, I've been thinking of teenage girls as a demographic of untapped wisdom. What advice would your teenage self have to give you?

Artwork Specifications

- linocut
- limited edition of 29
- The image area measures 4x6" (10x15cm)
- The paper measures 5x7" (12.5x17.5cm)
- Printed with a rubber based Vanson ink, which is lightfast and will not fade over time.
- 10% of print sales are donated!

Framing Suggestions

This is a 5x7 print which means it will be really easy to frame! Have some fun with it. Steer clear of white mats, because they will make the image highlights look less bright.

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