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Don't forget to let go

Don't forget to let go

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Paper Colour

Folded fortune tellers, friendship bracelets, and cat's cradle; all of these symbols within my recent artworks are meant to evoke the friendship expertise of teenage girls. The poem in the margins is both instructions to do the first move in cat's cradle and commentary on the interdependency of relationships. 

place your thumb and index finger
at the intersection of pattern and disruption.
pull apart, under, and up through.
don't forget to let go. 

Artwork Specifications

- linocut & letterpress
- limited edition of 28
- The image area measures 5x7" (10x15cm) and the paper measures 7x9"
- Printed with rubber-based Vanson ink covered in gold pigment powder.
- It is part of the Friendship Project
- 10% of print sales are donated!

Framing Suggestions

I recommend putting this print in an 8x10 frame. Gold is your friend!

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