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Love you, bye

Love you, bye

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One of my ex-partners dubbed the phrase "love you, bye" The Tosswill Goodbye, since I and my family use it at the end of every phone and video call. Once it was pointed out to me, I leaned into it pretty hard. I started using "love you, bye" when signing off phone calls with friends, and then in person. Now, years later, my friends and I joyfully call "love you, bye!" when we leave each other in coffee shops or on the street. But it all comes back to my mom. I say it because she says it, and when I asked her if it was something from her family growing up, she didn't think it was. Now, since I 've made this print and a large painting called "The Tosswill Goodbye", everyone who does this ritual with me now laughs about it because we're so aware of it. 

Obviously, I'm not claiming my mom invented this phrase, but I invite you to follow her example and normalize expressing affection with every departure. 

Artwork Specifications

- linocut & letterpress
- limited edition of 64
- The image area measures 4x6" (10x15cm) and the paper measures 5x7" (12.5x17.5cm)
- Printed with rubber-based Vanson ink, which is lightfast and will not fade over time.
- It is part of the Friendship Project
- 10% of print sales are donated!

Framing Suggestions

I recommend putting this print in an 8x10 frame. Best case scenario, incorporate a dark green or peachy element somehow! As always, try to avoid black!

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