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Wendy McGrath & Brianna Tosswill



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We all turn expressions of loss and grief into metaphors--an obituary in a newspaper, a gravestone, flowers... a poem.

Avebury is a collection of two redacted poems (written before and during the COVID-19 pandemic and a third poem written in response to a childhood memory evoked by an event a world away. 

This artist's book, Avebury, is itself a metaphor for the way in which we contain our tragedies and give them shape, the way we turn them over and regard them from different angles to make sense of them. But it is also a metaphor for how we manage to keep ourselves open. 

This bookarts project was completed in the spring of 2021 by Brianna Tosswill in collaboration with Wendy McGrath under the imprint Penrose Press. 

Edition of 100


  • a wooden box made from recycled wood panelling.
  • the booklet "Avebury Cemetery"
  • the booklet "O,Bits"
  • the booklet "O,Bits 2 years later"

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